Resident Consultation Area

Sapphire Independent Housing is committed to working in partnership with all our residents to enable them to genuinely influence what we do.

With this in mind we have created this space for residents to view any policies, procedures and/or other Sapphire Independent Housing documents which we would like your feedback on.

Current resident consultation activities:

Customer Journey Mapping focus groups

Thank you to all residents who attended our recent customer journey mapping focus group in September.

The session was really useful and is helping us to reveiw and improve the way we receive complaints and residents' experiences when they first join Sapphire. You can find feedback from the day on our resident consultation feedback page.

Policy and procedure consultation

Sapphire is currently reviewing all our operational policies and procedures. This will involve updating a number of policies and creating new policies where required. Over the coming months there will be a number of policies and procedures available, in the Residents’ Consultation area, for residents to comment on. If you are particularly keen to be involved in our policy consultations on a more regular basis please speak to your Housing Officer or Key Worker who will add your name and contact details to our consultation mailing list, to ensure you will receive consultation documents either by post or by email. Don't forget to keep an eye out for notifications of upcoming focus groups, on your communal noticeboards and our News and Events page, that may be required for more detailed discussions and feedback on specific policy changes.

The first policy issued to residents for feedback was a newly created vexatious policy. Go to our resident consultation feedback page for a full review of the consultation process.

The next policy we are reviewing is our Gas Servicing and Safety Policy and we would like your feedback on this review.

Due to the nature of this policy much of the content is regulated by Law and cannot be changed. However there are particular areas of the policy where feedback would be appreciated, especially around customer care and resident involvement (section 1.5), access (section 3) to the property and resident’s own appliances (section 5).

Once you have read our draft gas servicing and safety policy please complete and sumbit our online consultation survey to provide your views and feedback.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to review this policy.

Find out other ways to get involved and view our Resident Involvment Strategy.

If you would like get involved please contact